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Our Services

Asset Management

When it comes to product quality and passing brand standards, a pass doesn’t cut it. At NorthPointe Hospitality, our goal is to be outstanding – anything less is a disappointment. We don’t tolerate mediocrity so we don’t do the “average” thing on a daily basis. Whether it’s service or product quality (and guests don’t differentiate between the two) excellence is always the goal. This will be judged by our guest scores and comments, brand inspections and Northpointe on-site reviews.


The best operators in the business have worked through the ranks and understand every position and process regarding the inner workings of a hotel. Our principals can relate to the staff because they have done the work themselves from line positions to VPs. We are not theory managers. We are in the trenches with our managers so we can understand what our team is dealing with daily.

We are fanatical about quality, service and in the end, profitability. We hold ourselves accountable to results. We don’t “spin,” we simply like to win by deploying the fundamentals extremely well to every guest, every time. Guaranteed.

Financial Management

We use technology and operational expertise to our full advantage. By deploying real-time labor monitoring and dashboards that show key operational statistics on an hourly basis, we’re in touch with what counts. Our investors expect solid returns on their capital and we expect our team to deliver.

Human Resources

Invest in people and watch what happens. Help develop confidence and watch what happens. At NorthPointe Hospitality we bring proprietary training and support programs to every engagement. We build a culture that champions accomplishments, and eliminates mediocrity which raises the bar at the associate level of every hotel we operate. At NorthPointe Hospitality we understand the corporate office exists solely because of our associates at the hotel level and we don’t forget that. We stay nimble so we don’t lose touch – we are a hands-on organization. At NorthPointe, the people are what make us who we are – they create our culture and cement the foundation for everything we do as an organization now and into the future.

Revenue vs. Profit Management

Hands down, NorthPointe Hospitality understands the needs of a hotel’s onsite staff and management, ownership’s mindset and the bank’s long term vision. We are experts at delivering exceptional profit margins by ensuring we are maximizing every revenue opportunity culminated with expense controls that are watched and monitored via cloud-based systems on a daily basis. We don’t hope for good financials on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis – we make them happen. We also don’t nickel and dime our owners and investors with a myriad of corporate allocations. At NorthPointe, we understand we’re in the hospitality business and in business to make money.

Legal Services

The benefit of having in-house in-house counsel with extensive expertise in public companies in hospitality and energy industries saves both time and money. Offering expert advice on hotel development and operations, initial public offerings, “34 Act” reporting, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, support of routine business operations, as well as supervision of human resources departments and corporate stock plans is just one of the full-service points of difference in choosing NorthPointe Hospitality.

Reputation Management

How much is the reputation of your property worth? With the arrival of OTMs and social consumer platforms, online reputation management is key to not just conducting business in the hospitality arena today, but to thriving in it. Rooted in customer satisfaction, practiced protocols for monitoring and impacting rankings and content to shape public perception of a property can make the difference in rising to the top of your market as well as raising the bar on revenues.

Food and Beverage

Managing labor and food costs while delivering a superior product and experience is a NorthPointe Hospitality specialty. Add to that the ability to monitor and incorporate distinctive, on-trend culinary practices and you build a restaurant and special event product that drives traffic and profits to the property. Black-tie and beachfront for a wedding of 600? No problem! Craft beer tastings on the rooftop? We’ve got you covered!  Award-winning Sunday brunch 15 years in a row? We have your reservation!

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