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Case Studies

From the details in the meticulous renovation of a historic, 109-year-old hotel where not one of the 143 rooms was the same size or shape (literally), to managing the intricacies of hurricane requirements on a beachfront redesign and new build, or the innumerable details of simultaneous food and beverage service for multiple black-tie groups of Fortune 100 corporations during one of the world’s premier sporting events, we’ve been there – and exceeded expectations.


Partridge Inn | Augusta, Georgia

After a four-month renovation completed just in time for the Masters Golf Tournament, NorthPointe Hospitality Management converted the hotel to a Hilton Curio within a few months.

After taking control of the management of the hotel in 2014 from one of the top hotel management companies in the nation, and subsequent renovation that lasted four months (opening just in time for the Masters Golf Tournament) NorthPointe Hospitality Management converted the hotel to a Hilton Curio in 2014. Since then, the hotel’s room revenues have increased by more than $2 million. Gross operating profits have increased by more than $1.7 million and margins are at an all-time high.


Holiday Inn Resort | Jekyll Island, Georgia

NorthPointe Hospitality Management was able to immediately restructure the hotel’s operating model subsequently increasing gross operating profits in a six month period by more than $650,000.  Immediately following its renovation and restructuring to a Holiday Inn Resort in 2015, NorthPointe was able to increase gross operating profits by 1.247 million in a ten month period (from the prior management’s company performance on similar revenues) and was on track to further grow profitability by $550,000 in the second full year of operations since takeover.

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Hilton Garden Inn | Albany, Georgia

After taking control of the management of the hotel in 2012 from one of the top hotel management companies in the nation, we grew the hotel’s topside revenues within our first year.

NorthPointe Hospitality Management was able to grow the hotel’s topside revenues in its first year of operation by more than $143,000 and gross operating revenues by $283,000 and profit margin by 7 points, while also securing two consecutive “outstanding” QAs – the first Hilton outstanding inspection since the hotel opened 10 years prior. The hotel has since increased its valuation by $4 million since initial takeover.

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